Senior Adventure Session: Jordan

There are many reasons I love Instagram — a hub for gorgeous images, oodles of inspiration, and engagement galore — but my favorite reason of all is due to the people I meet along the way.

Jordan is one of them.

I received an email from the kindest family explaining that they were traveling from Texas to Washington for vacation and wanted to set up a photo shoot. Her daughter (the gorgeous leading lady in this post) had found me on Instagram and loved my photos; because of this, they wanted to set up a family session and senior session during their trip and were hoping we could make something work.

I almost melted off my chair!! My heart was so full and I was so blown away by the kind words, sincerity and their excitement for an adventure together! Needless to say, it was a great day.

I am so grateful for the community that continues to create before my eyes and the people that make it up. This day was SO much fun and will go down in history as one of my happiest days in one of the most beautiful places with one of the sweetest families I've yet to meet. 

PS: Can we check out how gorgeous Jordan is and how amazing her jeans are? Immediately on the prowl for a pair...

Moon Cycle Bakery at GRLS Studio

This was one of those weeks where the rain just came and came and came. My sessions were rained out left and right and I wanted to do something to help my clients find some dry space to capture their essence! 

Enter: GRLS Studio in Tacoma — an idyllic, quaint and super stylish little studio with a gorgeous white brick wall, furry pillows, regal-like pink velvet chairs, and this super rad old-fashioned refrigerator we happened to find in the back! 

I was able to book 6 sessions that day and ended with Moon Cycle Bakery. The day overall was SO MUCH FUN and I loved the creativity of being in a new place and using props to help tell a story.

We set up a time lapse, took dance breaks, had fun with ribbons and movement, ate brownies and peppermint chocolate cups and laughed the entire session away. It was a breath of fresh air and a reminder of how my clients become my family. 

Moon Cycle Bakery opened up for pre-orders yesterday! To head to the login page to sign up, head here. If you're looking for something delicious right this instant or want to swoon over Claflin Thayer Co's handmade moon bags (I have one and LOVE it!), head to their shop now where you can purchase for immediate shipping! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Family Fun

Let me start this post off by saying oh, the dimples!!! Gosh, I just love them and this adorable family had my favorite endearing facial features, plus beaming, happy smiles (all the heart-eye emojis!!) 

I find so much joy in photographing families with their first kiddo. Proud first-time parents know the value of each stage as their sweet babe grows up and it's an honor to capture those moments. It's such new territory and the wrinkles in time fly by so quickly. Weren't they just learning how to crawl? Now, they have a toddler running around with ample independence (and the brightest eyes). I know as the years continue to speed up, they'll reflect back on this awesome session when their boy was hip height, fascinated with his belly button and gave the best heart-filled, sloppy kisses. 

This photoshoot was also a huge inspiration for offering “wardrobe consultations” for my clients. Ashley was torn the day of their shoot and she brought a couple of different shirt/top options to gather feedback on which outfit worked the best. I loved getting to suggest what I thought would look best with what the boys were wearing and she happily trusted my instinct — it was like shopping with a girlfriend! I love the way the pink sets Mamma apart and I’m always happy to help with wardrobe ideas for your photo shoot! (Let’s talk clothes!!)

Vada & Jess

The intimacy, coziness and love in this shoot makes me so darn happy. I met Vada at Barre class quite some time ago and quickly learned that she is an amazing makeup artist who I referred several of my clients to for photo shoots.

Vada now lives in sunny California, but prior to her move, I photographed her and her girlfriend Jess in their home. I asked them not over think what they wore and to be in more loungewear type outfits — I wanted to capture them as if they were having a cozy afternoon in. My hope was to show a new type of session which was based more on connection and love at home, rather than traveling to a remote mountain (which as you know, I would shoot any day of the week!) As an artist, I loved the idea of trying something new and this felt so aligned with my hopeless romantic, homebody self! (Not to mention, how cute are they??)

This session is so beautiful and simple. Master Oakland Enchanted is the adorable kitty who joined in on the fun and I'm so excited to share more of this awesome session with you all. I would love to photograph more couples in their homes as an anniversary session, just-because session or as an engagement session. Be ready to give your sweetie lots of love and I'll have my camera ready!

Thank you so much for letting me spend an afternoon capturing your warm and comforting love, Vada & Jess! It will always be one of my favorites.

J + R: Hearts of Gold

Rachael and Jesse contacted me about photographing their intimate and late August backyard wedding earlier this year and I knew from her sweet correspondence we were going to hit it off! They officially hired me as their wedding day photographer, but as their wedding date approached, they reached out to me to inquire if I was available the evening before their big day. It just so happened that I was free and I couldn't wait to find out what they had in mind.

I was set to take images of their wedding from 3 pm - 6 pm, which would mean we would miss any type of sunset hour golden hue. Rachael knew she wanted images filled with warm sunset light as a part of their most precious memories, so she thought it would be fun to do a special shoot the night before with just the two of them. It was so exciting to me that Rachel knew the value of great lighting for romantic photos and I was SO pumped to capture these moments! Not to mention I was madly in love with their hair and wedding attire — it was all so gorgeous!!

Needless to say, these photos speak for themselves. Rachael and Jesse are bursting with love, kindness and gratitude for this special photo shoot together. We got super lucky with stunning sunset light (one of my favorite captures is the one where the light literally illuminates their hearts!) and It was a wedding eve dream come true.

One of my favorite things was that Rachael had a completely different look the day of her wedding, which was super fun to photograph that following day. I urge you to do what feels right for you and your love! If you feel like having a special shoot the day before your wedding, don't hesitate to get the photos you really want!!

Thank you so much for such a spontaneous, creative and romantic shoot, Jesse and Rachael. You made my photography dreams come true, too!

Baby Bishop on Board

Oh, man! What a special privilege to know top secret info before anyone else!! Pregnancy announcements make me so happy and Olivia and Cody brought the party to celebrate (complete with the most playful and vibrant confetti!!)

My favorite image is Cody spontaneously doing the "YES" clenched fist after I asked them to show me how happy they are to be parents. Right after, this awesome dance party with two very proud parents spontatenously evolved and if you know me, you know I LOVE dance parties!!

I played really happy, wedding reception type music during Olivia and Cody's entire session and we had the best time laughing and creating together. I invite clients to feel free to have their favorite playlist ready for their photoshoots so we can jam out together and capture your rockstar selves. I think music was an amazing addition to this shoot and would love to incorporate it into every shoot!!

CONGRATULATIONS Olivia and Cody!! Baby Bishop is a very lucky little babe to have you two as parents and I couldn't be more excited for you!


The Magical Meg Newton

My lovely friend Meg of Meg Newton Photography booked a Poppi Girl Session with me and I was immediately excited to capture her in her element. She has a deep love for lattes, ferry rides, our local Orcas, Barre classes, farmers markets, brunch on Sundays, road trips, cooking, campfires, and hiking. I know, I know...she is the coolest. (wait until you see her looking so darn cute in her rusted orange beanie...THE COOLEST, I tell you!)

As a photographer, I know the struggle of not having an updated headshot. When you're always behind the camera, you rarely get images of yourself. Meg and I know the ol' "tripod set-up", but it feels cumbersome most of the time and it's hard to capture genuine emotion in that way (something we both value).

I love Meg's work and was so flattered to take portraits of my beautiful friend. I wish the ferry ride to Vashon was longer because I was having so much fun during this shoot, I didn't want it to end! As soon as they gave us the green light, we ran from our cars up to the ferry deck and squeezed in as many images as possible. Meg is an incredible artist and shares my love for all creatures, furry or otherwise. There is something about someone so soulful that you just never forget — that's Meg. 

If you're like me and need updated photos of yourself, I'd love to work with you! Email to set up a session!

Thankful for TREE

A big break. Good fortune. Meant to be. I'm not sure which one of these best represents the email that changed my professional career but on February 15th, 2017, I received the following email:

 "As we are are in process of renovating a beautiful historic building in Tacoma as our warehouse and retail boutique, there is conversation about creating opportunities to photograph our progress as TREE establishes itself in the US.  We want to tell a story in imagery that captures our beginnings. We have a beautiful location, unique pieces on-site that we would like to have photographed, as well as create content for our website. We will also have on-going events and are looking to establish a relationship with a local photographer who will brilliantly "see" the magic moments and partner with us on our journey. I have truly enjoyed watching you work and have been impressed with your product. Could you please send us a list of pricing as well as well your availability?" 

I replied with the following, trying to keep it businesslike, even though I wanted to use 100 exclamation points, all-caps on every word and every happy emoji possible.

"First of all, the Hong Kong website is BEAUTIFUL! What amazing pieces of furniture with a wonderful story. I especially loved reading more about how you left the corporate world to pursue your passion! Congratulations on the renovation in Tacoma. I would absolutely love to be your go-to photographer. -Kristina" 

Before I take you through one of the happiest moments in my life, let me explain a little about who TREE is and what they do. TREE creates eco-friendly furniture with heart. Their items are artisan crafted from eco materials or carefully preserved antiques that are created with the utmost consciousness about what materials they use and where they source from. (Something I deeply appreciate.)

The first moment of walking into the Tacoma location is tattooed into my memory. The grandness of the building, the warmness of everyone I met, and the stunning natural light which wrapped around everyone like an amazing Lightroom preset, left me speechless. I felt like I had stepped into my dream job and literally twirled with excitement. (I actually did take a self-timer shot because of how stoked I was for this opportunity) It was and still is surreal that I get to be part of the TREE team. 

The photos, in the beginning, were like watching a flower bloom. I saw each stage of the process to reveal what this incredible space is today. The renovations, the heavy machinery certifications, the garden center and nursery trips, the inventory deliveries, the adding of electrical and lighting and so on. It has been awe-inspiring each time I arrived to take photographs and now I'm so thrilled to announce they are open for business seven days a week from 10am-6pm. Hello, best holiday presents EVER! From home shopping to designing commercial spaces, they have classically timeless and environmentally conscious treasures in every corner waiting for you to discover. 

One of my favorite attributes of TREE is their dedication to giving back. Through their work with Trees4Trees, they have planted over 70,000 trees to date and have plans to keep that number climbing. This is a company with a big heart and they want you to follow yours, too. Signs all around the building say, "Follow your heart to TREE" which I have witnessed keeps patrons flowing in the door! What a sweet reminder to stay true to you.

To say I love working for TREE is an understatement; it's an opportunity I feel I have been working towards since I picked up my camera at art school and I'm thrilled to share with you some of my favorite moments I've captured. Please check out their website and Instagram to see all of my work & and their heart-centered product.

Thank you to Nicole and the entire TREE team for embracing me and providing space for this hybrid palm tree/cedar tree to flourish ;). I'm definitely planted in the right soil with you all and I can't wait to see where this grows.


Images to Look For:
- Me twirling around in the empty warehouse pre TREE magic!!
- An image of a sofa cut in half so you can see all the materials used! SO rad!
- Nicole the lady boss herself! She's the beautiful, blooming, brunette in this gallery. 
- TREE featured in some pretty amazing publications! Heck, yes!

Other Worldly Lovers: Vance + Shelby

Have you ever met a couple and within minutes of hanging out with them, you can feel that their connection is so rare, so palpable, that it doesn't feel of this time? It feels much older, like they've found each other from lifetime to lifetime and you're getting to witness their love in this present moment. 

That is Vance + Shelby.

I love adventure engagement and elopement sessions so much for several reasons: new friendships, gorgeous photographs and the unknown. Weather, moods and locations are all variables when you drive to a remote destination and the surprises that unfold like the vows they hold in their hands always leaves me in awe. Not to mention that documenting love stories connects people REALLY fast, and it's so satisfying at the end of the day to know I have two new friends and a deep connection. I just love getting to know people's stories so darn much.

For Vance and Shelby's engagement photos, we met at their house and all rode together to the Vashon ferry in Tacoma. We talked cocktails, football and our favorite PNW places to frequent. It was a rainy day on their engagement session, which was the catalyst to extra cuddly embraces (my favorite) and I was already falling in love with their sweetness for one another. Shortly after their engagement session, they contacted me and told me they wanted to elope. I think I hung up that call and danced around my house for a solid couple of minutes. They wanted to stay relatively close to home and left the ball in my court to pick a location (I love a good surprise!) I wanted a location that fit their free-spirited vibe and gladly gave my friend Kerry at Hood Canal Events a call. She coordinated the location and even made a dessert picnic for the newlyweds to share after their intimate ceremony. It made for some of the warmest moments and best images.

As they stood with the gorgeous Panoramic views of Mount Rose, Mount Ellinor and Mount Washington behind them, I could faintly hear their precious vows as I took shots taking it all in. Vance promised Shelby to always encourage her free spirit and to never hold her back. I shouted "YES!" in my head after I heard him say that because it reminded me how thankful I am to have a husband who does the same for me. How special to be reminded of your own love while witnessing their love story unfold.

I have no doubt Vance and Shelby will be wanderers together forever, always taking the other's hand and embarking on a new adventure. Here's to love that is other worldly. 

To check out Shelby's gorgeous photography work, head to!

The INSANELY gorgeous bouquet and flower crown? You guessed it — the genius workings of Fleurae Floral. Check them out!! 

Our Maui Ohana: Becky, Walle and Kai

I have one word for this shoot (and it’s one of my favorites at that): Serendipity. 

While Jared and I were in Hawaii, we drove to Pāʻia for fun and we found just that in the form of two amazing, heart-centered individuals and their 2-year-old son. 

While we walked the blocks of downtown, we came across an eco-conscious surf boutique called POME and fell in love (I mean, they sell sunscreen that doesn’t damage the reef! Amazingness.) I knew I really wanted to take a surf lesson, but I hadn’t done any research or planned any such adventure. Lucky for me, Walle and his wife Becky —the owners of POME — were teaching surf lessons. Jared and I signed up and before we knew it, we were anxiously awaiting our first wave.

The highlight (besides learning how to surf, which was freakin’ AWESOME!!) was riding with Walle in his 1986 VW Van! Jared and I have always secretly wanted one (secrets out!) and it inspired us to really live a life full of choices that bring us total joy. It was an instant connection with Walle and when I reached out to see if he and his family wanted portraits done, they were stoked! We had the BEST time learning about what brought him back to the Hawaiian Islands and hearing stories of his son Kai, who you will see is THE most adorable two-year-old little dude (those CHEEKS) and meeting his gorgeous and light-filled wife, Becky. I could hardly contain myself this shoot! I was in Maui "Adventure Session" Heaven.

I have to say, there are about 10-15 ways to make people smile in my back pocket at all times and I didn't have to use one trick up my sleeve this entire session because their family is LITERALLY JUST THIS HAPPY. Every smile, hug and laugh is real. Every moment captured here is pure joy which bounces off each of them like a ping pong ball in a never-ending loop. It lit me up from head to toe. 

If you haven’t figured out already, I just love this family so much and am thrilled that I was able to capture their amazing family and son at this time in their life (2 is such a fleeting age!) at their favorite place on the island. 

Dream. Come. True. 

Thank you so much Becky, Walle and Kai for making our dream vacation that much happier!!!

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts: Teresa + Manuel

Teresa is lifelong friends with the owners of Fleurae Floral and was recommended to contact me for engagement and wedding photography. Of course, any friend of Fleurae is a friend of mine (good vibes all around!!), so I already knew this was going to be a really fun time. Teresa and Manuel wanted to shoot in a space that was special to them and Priest Point Park in Olympia was that haven. I love the scenery in this shoot — it's such a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in a place that is as gorgeous and alive in the winter as it is in the summer.

I can't say it enough, but I really am so grateful for my clients. These two were SO playful and willing to go along with any idea I threw at them, which made for some of my favorite, emotional images to date — the shot where Manuel picks Teresa up and spins her around gives me all the feels!! Teresa's smile is an open book — you can see how happy he makes her. 

This shoot also reminded me how gorgeous and cozy winter wear is!! Wool coats, killer shoes and all winter accessories make for awesome seasonal memories.

As if I didn't already love them enough, Teresa and Manuel are an amazing couple who care deeply about our Pacific Northwest Community. Teresa is currently running for Seattle City Council Position 8 and I have no doubt she'll win and create a more just and equitable society. I am so thankful for their huge hearts and ambition to make our home a better place. This shoot may be chilly, but I am honored to have captured two of the warmest people. 

Learn more about Team Teresa here!

Lifted: Erika + Kevin's Engagement

What is it about balloons that makes everything just a degree happier? This shoot was filled with joy and serious laughter and I think the use of balloons only magnified that.

Erika + Kevin really wanted something neutral for their engagement shoot and were hoping to steer clear of the PNW green, so we were debating between a downtown backdrop or something more in the desert scheme. We eventually landed on an urban vibe and I was SO pumped. 

This shoot made me realize how much FUN it is to dress up and play around in the city! Erika brought three gorgeous outfits and rocked every single one of them. It was a great reminder that if you plan it out, you have time for at least 2 outfit changes with Adventure sessions! Bring on the fashion!

I also loved this shoot so much for the wind and movement it captured (particularly in Erika's awesome dresses and her long locks). There is nothing more magical than that natural movement when captured on camera — if you look at it long enough, you can almost feel it brush your own shoulders.

Keegan's Adventure Senior Session

Oh, gosh, there is a lot to say about Keegan. The Fields family means the world to me — we had such a fast connection — and this shoot was just so much fun!! Not to mention that I was invited to spend time with everyone at their family home down in Hood River Oregon to take their family photos. 

The thing about the Fields family is that they are so deeply caring and kind. They rolled out the welcome mat like it was my home, too and gave hospitable a new meaning. For Keegan’s shoot, we drove to scenic spots to see which ones we liked best and it inspired me to want to make more room for senior photos in unique locations. Keegan’s sense of adventure lit me up and I found myself wanting to give every senior the chance to explore somewhere new or old (and with their friends!)

This session was at sunrise (my favorite time) and Keegan took it like the champ he is. It’s definitely not every senior guy’s dream to wake up at 4 am, but he trusted me and the process. What a kid!!

Thank you for being an inspiration, Keegan. You can add that to your list of accolades next to soccer star, model and total sweetheart. 


Artisans Group: My Favorite Bright Green House

When I was in art school, I took a photography class on how to capture architecture. We shot everything with this huge, large format camera and I immediately fell in love with the challenge — plus using different gear than my tried-and-true camera was FUN!

I hadn’t used those skills in a very long time until Artisans Group walked into my life. Artisans Group found my photography in 222 Market and learned that I was the photographer for most of the marketplace branding. Because they designed 222 Market, they liked my vibe and have taken me under their wing ever since.

I am so grateful for this amazingly talented and kind business. They have helped me hone my skills in architecture and allow me to continue my education in helping me learn how to make each space and exterior shine. They really took a chance on me and I have LOVED every house we’ve shot (10 so far!). I am super pumped to watch this relationship continue to blossom and can’t wait to see what creative + unique houses I get to meet next. 

To learn more about Artisans Group and the beautiful work they do all over, head here.

Love is Awesome

Love really is awesome. It is easily one of the biggest values I try and live my life by — to love deeper and more frequently. Because of this, it’s no surprise to me that family sessions are some of my favorite shoots. And memories. And time spent.

This little family straight up STOLE my heart. To be completely honest, I ADORE babes with a full head of hair and this little girl was absolutely beautiful. The more I shoot children, the more my heart grows. I’ve learned so much from them over the years like to always receive snuggles and kisses; the bigger the world, the more to explore; and to always, always stay curious. Some of my favorite shots from this shoot happened because this curious little guy wanted to learn more about my camera and studied the lens for a few moments — enough for me to really capture his tiny, eager personality!

And as always, I cannot stress how important it is to take the time for "Mom-and-Dad-only" photos at the end of each family shoot. This night in particular was super magical — the smoky, wildfire skies created an array of soft pinks and oranges and the backdrop framed this couple perfectly. They’re seriously happy, love soaked faces and aura rivaled the sky that night and I was SO happy to have been able to share that with them.

Oh, Baby: Alissa + Brenden

Alissa + Brenden are welcoming their first baby — a boy! — and I was lucky enough to celebrate with them from behind the lens. 

What stood out to me most about these two was the look in their eyes every time I asked them to look down at the baby bump. Their faces lit up, their eyes softened — you could feel how much love and excitement they have for their baby. It was as palpable and vibrant as the sun that surrounded them. 

Alissa + Brenden also knew exactly what they wanted for their location. They wanted to take baby boy to a place he would come to know first hand — a field with iconic PNW trees surrounding them. I loved that they had a vision in mind and that I was invited to join them in that. I so appreciate the love that they have for Washington, particularly Olympia, and could already imagine all the places they would take their baby and how many “firsts” the three of them would have together right here in this very space. 

I cannot wait to meet Baby Wood and if I’m lucky enough, continue to capture his amazing life as he grows with his beautiful family underneath those PNW trees.


Moon Cycle Bakery

Poppi Photography has been a dream of mine for a long, long time. 23 years in the making. Beginning with an assignment, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I firmly answered, "photographer", at the brazen age of ten years old. It's incredible to look back at all of the creative opportunities which have been in my path. From art classes to art school, to working with small businesses and to exploring everything from portraits to architecture. I've been in search of what to specialize in. Which is funny, because until this year I haven't been sure. 

What I've found is this...I want to specialize in working with companies, people and places that I feel personally connected to. I'm at a point in my career where connection and purpose are more important than any other factor. More important than status, income, or genre. I want to take images with heart and soul.

And if you've guessed by this point, Moon Cycle Bakery is one of those companies I feel personally connected to, you guessed RIGHT! From the moment I learned about the mission of Moon Cycle Bakery, I was not only a fan but was instantly in awe of their vibe, positivity and inclusiveness. This bakery has soul and wants all females to feel empowered by embracing ever-changing womanhood and lives by one of my favorite lines from the show Parks and Rec, Treat Yo' Self. When I looked at their Instagram, I saw image after image of calming, entrancing, wildly beautiful photographs and I knew this was an opportunity to think outside the box. When my dear friend Devon asked if I'd be interested in taking images for their Kickstarter campaign, my fingers couldn't type the email fast enough. 

This shoot felt like it was completely meant to be. The women that came together to model, style, and film this endeavor are all personal friends of mine and are all fellow female entrepreneurs. The creative energy and desire was swirling around us and I know the images we made show that feeling. 

Perspective, light, shadow and change. As women, we can identify with the similarities of the moon. Are we illuminated in full by our place in life or do we have just a sliver of radiance to share? This sweet reminder in the sky shows nothing stays the same for too long. Feel free to change. Rise and set over new horizons. Create wonder each day because you too are just as magical as the moon. CONGRATULATIONS, DEAR DEVON!!! Your impact on me is undeniable and pure. Everyone, please go check out Moon Cycle Bakery Kickstarter and indulge your senses! 

Video: Meg Newton Photography // @megnewtonphotography
Video Stars: Savannah Jones // @1savannahsmiles + Devon Loftus (founder of MCB) // @mamadwildling
Model + Artist: Darcy Goedecke // @darcygoedecke
Photos: Moi! // @poppiphotography
Treats: Moon Cycle Bakery // @mooncyclebakery

Stay Golden: Alexa's Senior Session

If we've adventured together before, you'll know my two favorite times of day to shoot are sunrise + sunset. The light is just so yummy and each time of day has it's own unique vibe to it.  What you may not know is that sunrise is hands down my favorite time of the day to shoot.

Sunset is beautiful in all it's glory, especially when the sun has set just perfectly that it creates that ultra glow — or the golden hour, as we like to call it — but what I love about the sunrise, is that we start in that honey-hued light. It meets us with a huge smile, open arms and total sweetness. This is where Alexa's shoot started and that energy was carried throughout her entire session.

What I loved about Alexa was her openness to meet me at sunrise. Our photo shoot was scheduled for 6 am and Alexa relayed to me that she woke up at 4 am to get ready. Not a hair was out of place and her smile stretched from ear to ear. Here was a senior in high school who had already found the beauty in meeting the day early and that some moments in life are worth the lack of sleep and early alarm clock. I was not only blown away by her old soul but by her ability to model! Girl's got moves!! And of course, I was giddy with excitement when she let me pick a flower and braid it into her hair. That openness to spontaneity + creativity is something I so love about my clients. 

Cheers to the golden girl that met me at sunrise to dance under the sun together. Your glow has only just begun, my dear. 

*I am currently booking senior sessions for 2018 and am offering a special package that gets me SO EXCITED! The Poppi 2018 Adventure Senior Sessions include a road trip to a scenic location and a mini session with friends in your home town. Email me at to reserve your spot! I can't wait to make these sessions EXTRA special for you bold babes! Limited availability.*

Fleurae: My Flower Family

If there are two things I love most, it's supporting women-run businesses, entrepreneurs and artists and getting to stare longingly at pretty flowers all day. Luckily, I've found a place in downtown Olympia that encompasses both. 

Fleurae is an Olympia oasis, beckoning people of all ages and genders to stop in and quite literally smell + admire the roses (or the Dahlias, or the Dusty Millers, or the Proteas...). They are constantly highlighting local artists and supporting the dreamers of this world, not to mention their shoppe is intentionally created with every ounce of their sweat, tears and endless love. (Have you seen their epic driftwood chandelier?? Yeah, they MADE that).

When team Fleurae can't be found in their shoppe, they are off delivering BEAUTIFUL handcrafted bouquets, flower crowns, runners and so much more to their customers. Their work is always 100% personalized and professional and never fails to brighten someone's most important day. 

Above all else, Fleurae is run by two of the most heart-centered, genuine souls I've come across in this lifetime, Iana and Carissa. To say they're my friends is an honor and to witness the beauty these two bad-ass women continue to create is a joy. Thank you both for opening your shoppe to the world and spreading your light like petals. It's a highlight in my month to shoot with Olysocial and/or photograph weddings with their gorgeous florals! 

To check out their shop and learn more about their gorgeous work, head here + here


This is Paradise

I've always loved exploring, something that lends itself easily here in the PNW, and I am so grateful every day that my job allows me and encourages me to do so. What beats exploring alone is exploring with my clients, who so graciously jump feet-first into the adventure with me. Meet Daniel, Alicia + baby Elena Palermo — three of my favorite people and one heck of a family. 

When the four us arrived at Paradise, we ventured down a trail together to capture the light and magic that nestles into the mountains every crook and curve. After getting lost in dreamy light and their genuine glow, I realized that I was down a path I had never discovered before. The countless times I find myself in Paradise and here I was, unveiling a new space, fresh greenery and breathtaking beauty. The best part of it all was that the Palermo's had never been to this spot either and just like that, we were discovering together.

I thought back on the adventures we had already taken together — starting with a maternity shoot, a newborn shoot, and now a family shoot. I've watched Elena grow older and the Palermo family grow fuller and my heart was bursting with gratitude and love.

There on that dirt path while the stillness engulfed me in paradise.

Cheers to adventure. Cheers to always discovering. And cheers to my clients who graciously bring me with them on the adventure called life. 

To check out more of Alicia's gorgeous pictures and their sweet family, make sure to follow along