Love is Awesome

Love really is awesome. It is easily one of the biggest values I try and live my life by — to love deeper and more frequently. Because of this, it’s no surprise to me that family sessions are some of my favorite shoots. And memories. And time spent.

This little family straight up STOLE my heart. To be completely honest, I ADORE babes with a full head of hair and this little girl was absolutely beautiful. The more I shoot children, the more my heart grows. I’ve learned so much from them over the years like to always receive snuggles and kisses; the bigger the world, the more to explore; and to always, always stay curious. Some of my favorite shots from this shoot happened because this curious little guy wanted to learn more about my camera and studied the lens for a few moments — enough for me to really capture his tiny, eager personality!

And as always, I cannot stress how important it is to take the time for "Mom-and-Dad-only" photos at the end of each family shoot. This night in particular was super magical — the smoky, wildfire skies created an array of soft pinks and oranges and the backdrop framed this couple perfectly. They’re seriously happy, love soaked faces and aura rivaled the sky that night and I was SO happy to have been able to share that with them.