Moon Cycle Bakery

Poppi Photography has been a dream of mine for a long, long time. 23 years in the making. Beginning with an assignment, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I firmly answered, "photographer", at the brazen age of ten years old. It's incredible to look back at all of the creative opportunities which have been in my path. From art classes to art school, to working with small businesses and to exploring everything from portraits to architecture. I've been in search of what to specialize in. Which is funny, because until this year I haven't been sure. 

What I've found is this...I want to specialize in working with companies, people and places that I feel personally connected to. I'm at a point in my career where connection and purpose are more important than any other factor. More important than status, income, or genre. I want to take images with heart and soul.

And if you've guessed by this point, Moon Cycle Bakery is one of those companies I feel personally connected to, you guessed RIGHT! From the moment I learned about the mission of Moon Cycle Bakery, I was not only a fan but was instantly in awe of their vibe, positivity and inclusiveness. This bakery has soul and wants all females to feel empowered by embracing ever-changing womanhood and lives by one of my favorite lines from the show Parks and Rec, Treat Yo' Self. When I looked at their Instagram, I saw image after image of calming, entrancing, wildly beautiful photographs and I knew this was an opportunity to think outside the box. When my dear friend Devon asked if I'd be interested in taking images for their Kickstarter campaign, my fingers couldn't type the email fast enough. 

This shoot felt like it was completely meant to be. The women that came together to model, style, and film this endeavor are all personal friends of mine and are all fellow female entrepreneurs. The creative energy and desire was swirling around us and I know the images we made show that feeling. 

Perspective, light, shadow and change. As women, we can identify with the similarities of the moon. Are we illuminated in full by our place in life or do we have just a sliver of radiance to share? This sweet reminder in the sky shows nothing stays the same for too long. Feel free to change. Rise and set over new horizons. Create wonder each day because you too are just as magical as the moon. CONGRATULATIONS, DEAR DEVON!!! Your impact on me is undeniable and pure. Everyone, please go check out Moon Cycle Bakery Kickstarter and indulge your senses! 

Video: Meg Newton Photography // @megnewtonphotography
Video Stars: Savannah Jones // @1savannahsmiles + Devon Loftus (founder of MCB) // @mamadwildling
Model + Artist: Darcy Goedecke // @darcygoedecke
Photos: Moi! // @poppiphotography
Treats: Moon Cycle Bakery // @mooncyclebakery