Our Maui Ohana: Becky, Walle and Kai

I have one word for this shoot (and it’s one of my favorites at that): Serendipity. 

While Jared and I were in Hawaii, we drove to Pāʻia for fun and we found just that in the form of two amazing, heart-centered individuals and their 2-year-old son. 

While we walked the blocks of downtown, we came across an eco-conscious surf boutique called POME and fell in love (I mean, they sell sunscreen that doesn’t damage the reef! Amazingness.) I knew I really wanted to take a surf lesson, but I hadn’t done any research or planned any such adventure. Lucky for me, Walle and his wife Becky —the owners of POME — were teaching surf lessons. Jared and I signed up and before we knew it, we were anxiously awaiting our first wave.

The highlight (besides learning how to surf, which was freakin’ AWESOME!!) was riding with Walle in his 1986 VW Van! Jared and I have always secretly wanted one (secrets out!) and it inspired us to really live a life full of choices that bring us total joy. It was an instant connection with Walle and when I reached out to see if he and his family wanted portraits done, they were stoked! We had the BEST time learning about what brought him back to the Hawaiian Islands and hearing stories of his son Kai, who you will see is THE most adorable two-year-old little dude (those CHEEKS) and meeting his gorgeous and light-filled wife, Becky. I could hardly contain myself this shoot! I was in Maui "Adventure Session" Heaven.

I have to say, there are about 10-15 ways to make people smile in my back pocket at all times and I didn't have to use one trick up my sleeve this entire session because their family is LITERALLY JUST THIS HAPPY. Every smile, hug and laugh is real. Every moment captured here is pure joy which bounces off each of them like a ping pong ball in a never-ending loop. It lit me up from head to toe. 

If you haven’t figured out already, I just love this family so much and am thrilled that I was able to capture their amazing family and son at this time in their life (2 is such a fleeting age!) at their favorite place on the island. 

Dream. Come. True. 

Thank you so much Becky, Walle and Kai for making our dream vacation that much happier!!!