This is Paradise

I've always loved exploring, something that lends itself easily here in the PNW, and I am so grateful every day that my job allows me and encourages me to do so. What beats exploring alone is exploring with my clients, who so graciously jump feet-first into the adventure with me. Meet Daniel, Alicia + baby Elena Palermo — three of my favorite people and one heck of a family. 

When the four us arrived at Paradise, we ventured down a trail together to capture the light and magic that nestles into the mountains every crook and curve. After getting lost in dreamy light and their genuine glow, I realized that I was down a path I had never discovered before. The countless times I find myself in Paradise and here I was, unveiling a new space, fresh greenery and breathtaking beauty. The best part of it all was that the Palermo's had never been to this spot either and just like that, we were discovering together.

I thought back on the adventures we had already taken together — starting with a maternity shoot, a newborn shoot, and now a family shoot. I've watched Elena grow older and the Palermo family grow fuller and my heart was bursting with gratitude and love.

There on that dirt path while the stillness engulfed me in paradise.

Cheers to adventure. Cheers to always discovering. And cheers to my clients who graciously bring me with them on the adventure called life. 

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