Lifted: Erika + Kevin's Engagement

What is it about balloons that makes everything just a degree happier? This shoot was filled with joy and serious laughter and I think the use of balloons only magnified that.

Erika + Kevin really wanted something neutral for their engagement shoot and were hoping to steer clear of the PNW green, so we were debating between a downtown backdrop or something more in the desert scheme. We eventually landed on an urban vibe and I was SO pumped. 

This shoot made me realize how much FUN it is to dress up and play around in the city! Erika brought three gorgeous outfits and rocked every single one of them. It was a great reminder that if you plan it out, you have time for at least 2 outfit changes with Adventure sessions! Bring on the fashion!

I also loved this shoot so much for the wind and movement it captured (particularly in Erika's awesome dresses and her long locks). There is nothing more magical than that natural movement when captured on camera — if you look at it long enough, you can almost feel it brush your own shoulders.