The Magical Meg Newton

My lovely friend Meg of Meg Newton Photography booked a Poppi Girl Session with me and I was immediately excited to capture her in her element. She has a deep love for lattes, ferry rides, our local Orcas, Barre classes, farmers markets, brunch on Sundays, road trips, cooking, campfires, and hiking. I know, I know...she is the coolest. (wait until you see her looking so darn cute in her rusted orange beanie...THE COOLEST, I tell you!)

As a photographer, I know the struggle of not having an updated headshot. When you're always behind the camera, you rarely get images of yourself. Meg and I know the ol' "tripod set-up", but it feels cumbersome most of the time and it's hard to capture genuine emotion in that way (something we both value).

I love Meg's work and was so flattered to take portraits of my beautiful friend. I wish the ferry ride to Vashon was longer because I was having so much fun during this shoot, I didn't want it to end! As soon as they gave us the green light, we ran from our cars up to the ferry deck and squeezed in as many images as possible. Meg is an incredible artist and shares my love for all creatures, furry or otherwise. There is something about someone so soulful that you just never forget — that's Meg. 

If you're like me and need updated photos of yourself, I'd love to work with you! Email to set up a session!