Artisans Group: My Favorite Bright Green House

When I was in art school, I took a photography class on how to capture architecture. We shot everything with this huge, large format camera and I immediately fell in love with the challenge — plus using different gear than my tried-and-true camera was FUN!

I hadn’t used those skills in a very long time until Artisans Group walked into my life. Artisans Group found my photography in 222 Market and learned that I was the photographer for most of the marketplace branding. Because they designed 222 Market, they liked my vibe and have taken me under their wing ever since.

I am so grateful for this amazingly talented and kind business. They have helped me hone my skills in architecture and allow me to continue my education in helping me learn how to make each space and exterior shine. They really took a chance on me and I have LOVED every house we’ve shot (10 so far!). I am super pumped to watch this relationship continue to blossom and can’t wait to see what creative + unique houses I get to meet next. 

To learn more about Artisans Group and the beautiful work they do all over, head here.