Baby Bishop on Board

Oh, man! What a special privilege to know top secret info before anyone else!! Pregnancy announcements make me so happy and Olivia and Cody brought the party to celebrate (complete with the most playful and vibrant confetti!!)

My favorite image is Cody spontaneously doing the "YES" clenched fist after I asked them to show me how happy they are to be parents. Right after, this awesome dance party with two very proud parents spontatenously evolved and if you know me, you know I LOVE dance parties!!

I played really happy, wedding reception type music during Olivia and Cody's entire session and we had the best time laughing and creating together. I invite clients to feel free to have their favorite playlist ready for their photoshoots so we can jam out together and capture your rockstar selves. I think music was an amazing addition to this shoot and would love to incorporate it into every shoot!!

CONGRATULATIONS Olivia and Cody!! Baby Bishop is a very lucky little babe to have you two as parents and I couldn't be more excited for you!