Oh, Baby: Alissa + Brenden

Alissa + Brenden are welcoming their first baby — a boy! — and I was lucky enough to celebrate with them from behind the lens. 

What stood out to me most about these two was the look in their eyes every time I asked them to look down at the baby bump. Their faces lit up, their eyes softened — you could feel how much love and excitement they have for their baby. It was as palpable and vibrant as the sun that surrounded them. 

Alissa + Brenden also knew exactly what they wanted for their location. They wanted to take baby boy to a place he would come to know first hand — a field with iconic PNW trees surrounding them. I loved that they had a vision in mind and that I was invited to join them in that. I so appreciate the love that they have for Washington, particularly Olympia, and could already imagine all the places they would take their baby and how many “firsts” the three of them would have together right here in this very space. 

I cannot wait to meet Baby Wood and if I’m lucky enough, continue to capture his amazing life as he grows with his beautiful family underneath those PNW trees.