Fleurae: My Flower Family

If there are two things I love most, it's supporting women-run businesses, entrepreneurs and artists and getting to stare longingly at pretty flowers all day. Luckily, I've found a place in downtown Olympia that encompasses both. 

Fleurae is an Olympia oasis, beckoning people of all ages and genders to stop in and quite literally smell + admire the roses (or the Dahlias, or the Dusty Millers, or the Proteas...). They are constantly highlighting local artists and supporting the dreamers of this world, not to mention their shoppe is intentionally created with every ounce of their sweat, tears and endless love. (Have you seen their epic driftwood chandelier?? Yeah, they MADE that).

When team Fleurae can't be found in their shoppe, they are off delivering BEAUTIFUL handcrafted bouquets, flower crowns, runners and so much more to their customers. Their work is always 100% personalized and professional and never fails to brighten someone's most important day. 

Above all else, Fleurae is run by two of the most heart-centered, genuine souls I've come across in this lifetime, Iana and Carissa. To say they're my friends is an honor and to witness the beauty these two bad-ass women continue to create is a joy. Thank you both for opening your shoppe to the world and spreading your light like petals. It's a highlight in my month to shoot with Olysocial and/or photograph weddings with their gorgeous florals! 

To check out their shop and learn more about their gorgeous work, head here + here