Moon Cycle Bakery at GRLS Studio

This was one of those weeks where the rain just came and came and came. My sessions were rained out left and right and I wanted to do something to help my clients find some dry space to capture their essence! 

Enter: GRLS Studio in Tacoma — an idyllic, quaint and super stylish little studio with a gorgeous white brick wall, furry pillows, regal-like pink velvet chairs, and this super rad old-fashioned refrigerator we happened to find in the back! 

I was able to book 6 sessions that day and ended with Moon Cycle Bakery. The day overall was SO MUCH FUN and I loved the creativity of being in a new place and using props to help tell a story.

We set up a time lapse, took dance breaks, had fun with ribbons and movement, ate brownies and peppermint chocolate cups and laughed the entire session away. It was a breath of fresh air and a reminder of how my clients become my family. 

Moon Cycle Bakery opened up for pre-orders yesterday! To head to the login page to sign up, head here. If you're looking for something delicious right this instant or want to swoon over Claflin Thayer Co's handmade moon bags (I have one and LOVE it!), head to their shop now where you can purchase for immediate shipping! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!