Other Worldly Lovers: Vance + Shelby

Have you ever met a couple and within minutes of hanging out with them, you can feel that their connection is so rare, so palpable, that it doesn't feel of this time? It feels much older, like they've found each other from lifetime to lifetime and you're getting to witness their love in this present moment. 

That is Vance + Shelby.

I love adventure engagement and elopement sessions so much for several reasons: new friendships, gorgeous photographs and the unknown. Weather, moods and locations are all variables when you drive to a remote destination and the surprises that unfold like the vows they hold in their hands always leaves me in awe. Not to mention that documenting love stories connects people fast...like REALLY fast, and it's so satisfying at the end of the day to know I have two new friends and a deep connection. I just love getting to know people's stories so darn much.

For Vance and Shelby's engagement photos, we met at their house and all rode together to the Vashon ferry in Tacoma. We talked cocktails, football and our favorite PNW places to frequent. It was a rainy day on their engagement session, which was the catalyst to extra cuddly embraces (my favorite) and I was already falling in love with their sweetness for one another. Shortly after their engagement session, they contacted me and told me they wanted to elope. I think I hung up that call and danced around my house for a solid couple of minutes. They wanted to stay relatively close to home and left the ball in my court to pick a location (I love a good surprise!) I wanted a location that fit their free-spirited vibe and gladly gave my friend Kerry at Hood Canal Events a call. She coordinated the location and even made a dessert picnic for the newlyweds to share after their intimate ceremony. It made for some of the warmest moments and best images.

As they stood with the gorgeous Panoramic views of Mount Rose, Mount Ellinor and Mount Washington behind them, I could faintly hear their precious vows as I took shots taking it all in. Vance promised Shelby to always encourage her free spirit and to never hold her back. I shouted "YES!" in my head after I heard him say that because it reminded me how thankful I am to have a husband who does the same for me. How special to be reminded of your own love while witnessing their love story unfold.

I have no doubt Vance and Shelby will be wanderers together forever, always taking the other's hand and embarking on a new adventure. Here's to love that is other worldly. 

To check out Shelby's gorgeous photography work, head to shelbylouisephotography.com!

The INSANELY gorgeous bouquet and flower crown? You guessed it — the genius workings of Fleurae Floral. Check them out!!