About Me

Hi! I'm Kristina of Poppi Photography. I’m truly so glad you’re here! I’ve spent the past 10 years building my photography business in the Pacific Northwest and I love creating images with purpose and connection.

I’m currently enrolled in flight school and hope to get my private pilot license by the end of 2019. I’m combining my two favorite worlds and I can’t get enough.

I’m a Washington native, a fanatic for pink sunrises and travel. It’s safe to assume you can always find me with my camera in hand. As an artist, I'm always in a state of change, growth and colorful transformation.

My clients are dreamers just like me. They are explorers, entrepreneurs and believe kindness always wins. They love deeply and value human connection. Please send me a message and say hello!


Kristina Wunsch

Want to know more…

1. I’m a tender heart! I love people, animals and making others happy!

2. I travel to California and Maui as often as I can.

3. I crave meyer lemons, passion fruit and chocolate every single day.

4. I love dancing and live music. In my next life I’ll be a musician.