Keegan's Adventure Senior Session

Oh, gosh, there is a lot to say about Keegan. The Fields family means the world to me — we had such a fast connection — and this shoot was just so much fun!! Not to mention that I was invited to spend time with everyone at their family home down in Hood River Oregon to take their family photos. 

The thing about the Fields family is that they are so deeply caring and kind. They rolled out the welcome mat like it was my home, too and gave hospitable a new meaning. For Keegan’s shoot, we drove to scenic spots to see which ones we liked best and it inspired me to want to make more room for senior photos in unique locations. Keegan’s sense of adventure lit me up and I found myself wanting to give every senior the chance to explore somewhere new or old (and with their friends!)

This session was at sunrise (my favorite time) and Keegan took it like the champ he is. It’s definitely not every senior guy’s dream to wake up at 4 am, but he trusted me and the process. What a kid!!

Thank you for being an inspiration, Keegan. You can add that to your list of accolades next to soccer star, model and total sweetheart.