Family Fun

Let me start this post off by saying oh, the dimples!!! Gosh, I just love them and this adorable family had my favorite endearing facial features, plus beaming, happy smiles (all the heart-eye emojis!!) 

I find so much joy in photographing families with their first kiddo. Proud first-time parents know the value of each stage as their sweet babe grows up and it's an honor to capture those moments. It's such new territory and the wrinkles in time fly by so quickly. Weren't they just learning how to crawl? Now, they have a toddler running around with ample independence (and the brightest eyes). I know as the years continue to speed up, they'll reflect back on this awesome session when their boy was hip height, fascinated with his belly button and gave the best heart-filled, sloppy kisses. 

This photoshoot was also a huge inspiration for offering “wardrobe consultations” for my clients. Ashley was torn the day of their shoot and she brought a couple of different shirt/top options to gather feedback on which outfit worked the best. I loved getting to suggest what I thought would look best with what the boys were wearing and she happily trusted my instinct — it was like shopping with a girlfriend! I love the way the pink sets Mamma apart and I’m always happy to help with wardrobe ideas for your photo shoot! (Let’s talk clothes!!)