Salty LBC

During winter in the PNW it feels like we’ll be in cold, wet cloud forever. There isn’t much daylight to work with and I’m craving warm sunshine on my skin. What a perfect time to post this rad shoot lifestyle shoot I did in Long Beach, California for Salty! I’m transporting myself back into these moments and anxiously awaiting my next trip to California in March. I’d love to go once a quarter to shoot! My Dad is from southern California and I grew up frequently visiting family in Carlsbad and Burbank. I love the smells, the food and the beach! I’m just putting this out into the universe. More work in California in 2019 would make me the happiest!

Sayler is part of a weekly surf school. Her parents and younger brother go to the beach with her every Sunday to surf, play and enjoy their time together as a family. I love traditions, especially ones that involve the ocean! I’m so grateful to the Gillet family and their business, Salty, to capture these images for their social media and home.


It’s New Year’s Eve, Eve and I can’t help but reflect back on what a years it’s been! One of my favorite new clients of 2018 has been Lapis - a curated collection of fine gifts and artisan jewelry featuring unique engagement rings, statement pieces and everyday classics. Every artist she features is hand picked, wildly talented and is a dream to photograph. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph multiple shoots for their Instagram and website and I LOVE visiting and shopping from their gorgeous Proctor District location. (Hello, best Christmas shopping ever!) I hope you’ll go visit soon! My favorite designer she offers is Communion by Joy. It’s just all so dreamy! Go treat yo’ self!

Chelsea Oyster Bar

Olympia has a gem and it’s Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing for this local favorite over the past couple years and even better, I’ve had the pleasure of dining there often! As well as photographing at their restaurant, I’ve captured images at their inspiring farm. I’m so impressed with the passion everything this fantastic team creates and love seeing my photos on their beautiful website. Check out their website HERE. So incredibly proud to share these images from our most recent photo shoot!

Moon Cycle Bakery

Fall. It’s a time for change, warm colors and shorter days. Luckily for us Moon Cycle Bakery has brilliantly highlighted this time of year with their mission and treats. For this gorgeous social media content shoot we played with cozy feels, individual ingredients, and as many fall leaves as possible. Have you tried Moon Cycle Bakery yet? I’d love to hear what your favorite treat is?! Mine is the chocolate cup, sweetened with honey and ginger. OMG. It’s heaven in a bite.

Camryn - Senior Photos

When you’re about to leave the nest, there is a palpable energy to be captured. Camryn, thank you for being such a light in the world. I absolutely loved our session and am so excited to share my favorites!

If you’re interested in booking your senior photos for summer 2019, I’m now reserving dates. Sessions are available at sunrise and sunset - Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Seabrook Washington's Beach Town

From the first time we stayed in Seabrook, WA back in 2013, I’ve been dreaming of shooting for this amazing beach town! I grew up visiting these magical beaches, breathing in the salty air and beach combing until my heart’s content. It’s wonderful to see how Seabrook has provided a space for people near and far to enjoy everything this area has to offer on a regular basis! I love all of the amazing homes available for rent and the beautiful downtown area. It really is just the cutest and most relaxing beach town!

I was lucky enough to be contacted my their marketing team this year and jumped at the chance to photograph for them. I helped find our models (dear clients of mine), photographed their shot list alongside one of their marketing team members and am anxiously awaiting seeing these photos put into action! These are some of their selections they picked from our shoot. When working with local businesses, I send a gallery of images after our shoot and then they pick the images they want to purchase. This gives my clients the final say on their vision and budget. Every image is shot with passion, intent and love for my clients. There is nothing sweeter than when my clients tell me an image of mine has lead to a sale or brought a new customer in. Best feeling ever! Thank you Seabrook for the amazing opportunity and I look forward to working together in the future!

Fade Into the Abstract

With a name like, Fade Into The Abstract, I knew I wanted to work with Kristen. Kristen is the genius behind this gorgeous modern bohemian jewelry line and I love, love, love every single piece! Do you know what the best part is? SHE IS SUCH A RAD HUMAN! We’d talked on the phone one time prior to our shoot at GRLS Studio and we instantly hit it off. At the shoot it felt like we were old pals and in between getting these super stunning shots, we were all goofing around and laughing.

Helping small businesses sell their goods through photography is my absolute favorite and I can’t thank Kristen enough for booking with me.

Special thanks to our BEAUTIFUL model, Ashley. She’s just amazing!

Devon + Brian // Paradise, Mt. Rainier

Finally!!! I’m back! It’s been dead quiet on my blog for eight months because my business exploded this year and if I wasn’t with a camera in hand, or editing, I was sleeping. ;) Holy moly!!! What an incredible time of growth and creativity! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite shoots I’ve photographed lately and had to kick it off with this amazing anniversary session I shot back in August of 2018. Because…seriously…it’s one of my favorite couple sessions I’ve ever photographed.

It’s really hard for me to put into words how special Devon and Brian are to me. Within 1.5 years time we’ve developed the most beautiful friendship and we’ve truly helped each other grow personally and professionally! I pushed myself throughout this whole shoot to switch it up, capture their love in every way I could think of and highlight the unreal scenery of Paradise at Mt. Rainier National Park. I’m beyond happy with how these turned out and am very, very excited to be transitioning to a more balanced pace of life. 2019 will hold a lot of changes for Poppi Photography but my passion for this work is constant!

Harts & Pearls

Have you ever had one of THOSE mornings, when you feel like everything is about to unravel? I believe we've all been there at some point — a late alarm, traffic, forgot something at home, etc. Sometimes, it can feel seriously hard to turn those days around.

Upon arriving at the studio in Seattle, Desiree expressed she was experiencing one rough morning. I deeply empathized with her and knew this was my opportunity to bring a little extra sunshine on a gloomy day.

For me, that little extra sunshine comes in the form of music and dance. I instantly started playing music on my phone (thank you Spotify for creating a playlist called, "Have a Great Day"!) and could feel the energy start to shift. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" lyrics starting filling up the room and we started smiling and doing silly things to make Desiree laugh! Her sister Traci was there for the shoot and joined in the fun, as well. We were on a roll, creating fun images for her marketing material and then to our surprise, Lauren Foster from South Sound Magazine arrived! She was there to interview Desiree about the successful company she's built from the ground up. In the span of 30 minutes, a rough morning became a dance party full of empowered women.

Harts & Pearls started when Desiree wanted to make sweet accessories for her daughter. Everytime her and her daughter would step out in public, she would receive compliments for her creations. It was then that she realized its potential and the rest is history.

I started shooting for Harts & Pearls many years ago when they first began and it's been so awesome to see how much they have grown! This shoot was truly special and I'm still feeling that happy buzz, high-vibrations from that day! Upon my exit, Desiree took a moment to tell me how much I made a difference in her day and that she really appreciated me keeping such a positive outlook. I'm a firm believer that kindness and love always win! Thank you Harts and Pearls for another great shoot — this Poppi Girl Session was one of my favs!!


Kata + Jim

What better day than this rainy January afternoon to blog about one of the sunniest days of my life last May? That's the great thing about images, you can be transported in time and season (and feeling)! I'm anxiously awaiting longer days and pretty pink petals, and reflecting back on this wedding was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits — there is SO MUCH JOY woven throughout this day.

I was lucky enough to be referred to Kata and Jim by the lovely ladies of Fleurae (who are looking stunning in one of the pictures in this post!) Prior to officially being hired, Kata contacted me and I drove up to Seattle for a coffee date to meet her and talk wedding details. Ten minutes into our conversation, I had my fingers and toes crossed she'd book me for her wedding. I just loved her energy, her relaxed presence and her style! We talked about how she wanted to have all greens and no flowers at her wedding. I like brides who throw tradition out the window — it's your wedding, do whatever you want! She told me the story of how Jim proposed to her, which is hands down my favorite proposal story to date.

"We'd walk around our neighborhood often and there was always this one cat who would come out and greet us. We'd pet the cat every time, then be on our way. One day, as we both knelt down to pet the cat, I looked over at Jim and he was holding a ring,” Kata said.

I love animals. I love people who love animals. And I also was very obsessed with cats when I was little, so this proposal melted my romantic, kitty loving heart.

Their wedding day was so fantastic. Their vows were the true definition of heart touching. I cried, I laughed, I honestly was so moved by their enthusiasm to marry each other that I felt transported, like I was witnessing something not of this world. During the ceremony Kata was so nervous and excited at one point, she joked about needed to vomit. Without skipping a beat, Jim held out his hands in a cupping shape — we all died laughing!

These two are not short of love, humor, loyalty and excitement for being alive. They ended the ceremony with a motto for living that they created together — “I’m scared. Let’s do it anyway.” Beyond being so genuine, intimate and FULL of devotion, this motto also resonated with me as I love trying new things and being adventurous. It made my heart so warm to see a couple who celebrates loving life together. 

Thank you Kata + Jim for a day I will never forget!!

I still have Spring and Summer dates available for small and intimate weddings and would love nothing more than to capture your goofy grins, gorgeous moments and all the LOVE! Head here to learn more

Monica the Marvelous

Monica reached out to me because she needed a simple headshot for her medical residency program, but we all know that “simple headshot” in Poppi land means some headshots, a lot of laughs and a mandatory dance party. 

Monica was also about to move to Atlanta for work and wanted her photo shoot to have a feel of celebration, joy and movement, which I found very fitting as she skipped into the next chapter of her life. 

I loved spending this time together because it was truly was so happy and light and it was deeply inspiring. It’s always filled my heart to watch others chase their dreams and pursue their career goals. The feeling of satisfaction, confidence and self-love that comes from new jobs, new cities and new things to say “yes” to is such a remarkable feeling I hope everyone gets to experience.

I created the Poppi Girl and Poppi Guy package to remind people just how stinkin’ beautiful they are. This includes people of all genders, sizes, races and ages!! The Poppi Girl + Guy session can be for the little ones, too! Hello cute baby clothes, chubby cheeks and bright, toothy smiles!!

To learn more about updated Poppi packages and pricing, head to the booking page. I can’t wait to schedule your dream session in 2018!!


Artisans Group: The One with the Baby Blue Door

"Thoughtful, well-crafted care from napkin sketch dreams through finishing touches and the years that follow - this is The Artisans Group experience.  With projects ranging from large custom residential remodels, through highly efficient custom Passive Houses and commercial Tenant Improvements, your aspirations + our experience = something worth talking about" - Artisans Group

It’s true what they say about stepping outside of your comfort zone and trusting in yourself and the magic that brings you there in the first place. 

I wasn’t sure what I would learn when starting to photograph houses and honestly, what I’ve learned is not always what I expected.

I really thought that photographing beings — both people and animals! — was as intimate as it got; seeing their smile, hearing the laughter (or puppy noises!), capturing their essence. But then I started to photograph houses and I found myself in another dimension of intimacy and soul.

What I've realized is when you photograph homes, it's intimate on a deeper level because you're greeted by the person and you enter into their world. You can see the parts of their lives that they’ve collected over the years; the hanging bell, the painting behind their bed, the knick-knacks on their dresser. It’s a beautiful ode to humans in all their passions and the little sentiments that bring them joy. It’s like learning someone’s favorite color for the first time or their go-to flower. 

It’s also taught me to value, honor and respect people and their space with an even deeper appreciation. Whenever we ask the owners if we can move something around for the shot, I can see how appreciative they are that we asked. These are their memories and they’re sacred. I’m honored to not only be able to capture the gorgeous reality they’ve created for each other, themselves, or their families, but I also feel so lucky to work with a company that really puts their love and soul into every house they design. They work hard to tell a story with their work and in that respect, add richness to the world. 

This particular home is my favorite that I’ve photographed for Artisans Group because of the gorgeous natural night, tall ceilings and that stinkin’ cute baby blue front door. Plus, that view! Holy moly!!

This year, I invested in a brand new carbon fiber tripod and wide angle lens and I am so giddy to use them. I truly look forward to each shoot that I can implement what I'm learning and keep following this adventure that keeps beautifully unfolding before me.

To learn more about Artisans Group and their beautiful, green supportive designs, head here

Jon, Ngam and Kailey

Jon, Ngam, baby Kailey and I gathered one morning while the wildfires were roaring and met that hazy, whimsical, rosy sky that felt as magical as it did ominous — a reminder of the balances in life. 

We chose Alki Beach and ended up in Golden Gardens Park with the last stop at the most delicious and sweet (pun intended!) donut shop, General Porpoise Donuts in Capitol Hill. Those shots were so fun to capture. There is nothing better than baby hands up against a glass window!!

I was instantly impressed with Jon and Ngam as parents. They were so proud and madly in love with their baby girl and it made my heart warm. They also had the best sense of humor and "go with the flow" attitude, something that is seriously important when hanging out with and taking photos of babes!

Their bright outfits matched their bright interiors and I loved the contrast up against the soft skies and neutral urban tones. Both Ngam and I were also super excited to be able to catch the adorable ears on Kailey's hooded sweater! We had the best time putting the hood up and down and catching Kailey in her adorable element (and speaking of adorable element, holy leg rolls and full head of hair!! I was in baby heaven). 

At the end of the shoot, Ngam explained to me that our day together had been a highlight of their year and that they had so much fun. I was so grateful to have given them that and so honored — it was the icing on the cake (or donut).  

Bryant & Katie

These two were the definition of bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30 am and upon first smile I knew this was going to be a photo shoot to remember. Their excitement for the day ahead of us was as thick as the fog that hung in the air — magical and sweet. 

I pulled into a dark parking lot in North Bend to meet Bryant and Katie prior to heading to our shoot location and from there we traveled 20-minutes to our destination. As we drove, we saw little blue sky breaks and I crossed my fingers for an epic sunrise.

Mother nature had a different plan for us that morning as the sun never really did make an appearance, but here is the thing: their chemistry rivaled any bright sunrise and I didn't even miss the golden rays because I had true love to photograph alongside a canvas of mountain peaks and tree lines behind them. Talk about dreamy.

We were the only souls on the lake for the entire shoot and we all felt free to be ourselves. I love that about Adventure Sessions — the quiet isolation to be wild, silly and free with your sweetheart. These quiet moments are some of my favorites and these images portray such an innocence, like those first butterfly feelings you get when you meet the love of your life. Simply, I love photographing couples who can't imagine their lives without each other. And these two were just that.

Congratulations to Katie and Bryant on their engagement — I am so excited to continue to watch your deep soul love flourish! 

You Had Me at Roasted Peppers

I decided one day to put it out there in the magical Universe of ours that I wanted to shoot more houses, more apartments, sweet spaces and sweet moments. 

Within days, I heard from a dear friend of mine that she was being interviewed by Apartment Therapy for her business Moon Cycle Bakery and that they were tying her tiny house into the article. They asked her if she knew of anyone in the area to take images for them and she answered without any hesitation, “I know the perfect person.”

My heart wanted to burst!! Ask and you shall receive —that was exactly what this shoot was all about! Not to mention Chef Brian decided to roast peppers during the shoot and ohhh, did it smell GOOD!

Getting to photograph Devon and Brian (and Olive the pup!) in their element was so darn fun and it reminded me of how much I love to capture those in-between, intimate moments that we oftentimes overlook; when we’re cutting vegetables for dinner, when we’re washing dishes with our partner, when we’re snuggled on the couch reading a book or watching our favorite show. 2018 is all about catching those moments and bottling them up like fireflies in a jar — a reminder of the light that comes through when we take a moment to pause. 

Are you interested in having pictures taken of your adorable house or capturing moments of you and your loved ones in your most amazing, everyday moments? Email me at and let’s set a day to play!

Zoe Juice Bar

I'm all about embracing the things that served me well in 2017 and continuing to foster them in 2018. 

Zoe Juice Bar is one of those good habits from last year that I am happily bringing with me into the new year.

Zoe's screams joy, fun and color — a few of my favorite things — and shooting for them is a dream come true. I was a frequent customer prior to getting the opportunity to work with Zoe and I've found myself craving it more and more each time I go in. It's such an easy way to get your daily dose of vitamins and each juice or smoothie will absolutely send your tastebuds into "happy dance mode".  My favorite is the Pure Vida Acai Bowl (Hawaii in a cup!!) with extra cinnamon and added fresh pineapple on top. 

A few weeks back, I spoke to the owner and he shared the exciting news with me that they're opening a new west side location and will be hanging prints of these images in their store. It's so fun to see the photos go from the back of your camera to a wall print for many to enjoy. This was such exciting news and he finished the conversation with letting me know that he felt the photos elevated their brand. I took that as such an amazing compliment and walked away with cheeks that hurt from smiling so hard.

If you haven't yet, be sure to stop into this feel-good shop and grab something that is sure to feel like a vacation in your hand — your belly, soul and mood will thank you. 


Nicole and Brandon: Rooftop Lovin'

Oh, the magic of this crazy amazing world has always made me so happy, and this wedding was no exception.

I started following Nicole on Instagram because of her amazing personal style that I love so much. She posted a photo explaining that she was on the hunt for a wedding photographer and would love for people to reach out to her with their portfolio. I jumped at the opportunity and private messaged her right away. To my good fortune, she said she'd love for me to be her wedding photographer and made me the happiest lady!! 

Nicole explained that she was keeping her wedding as simple as possible and only wanted three hours of photography coverage. Just enough for photos prior to the ceremony, the ceremony itself and then a few at the reception. My kind of gal! :) 

On the day of the wedding, I pulled into the parking lot of the venue and saw a woman who I assumed was attending Nicole's wedding. She was paying the meter as I walked over and got in line. We started talking small-talk when she told me she is the bride's sister! We ended up having the sweetest conversation and I was so thankful for her kind words prior to my start time. She told me Nicole was so excited for me to be her wedding photographer and that she loved my work! I was so giddy and felt so excited to be a part of her day. The magic took it’s role again and I knew we were off to a great start.

There were so many things I loved about Nicole’s wedding from her contagious smile and gorgeous look and amount of joy present, but the rooftop wedding reception was my absolute favorite. It was a gorgeous setup at Within Sodo and it blew my socks off — it was SUCH a cool venue and one I will always remember. I loved getting to shed happy tears right along with Nicole and Brandon and from their officiant's special words, it was clear these two were meant to be and brought out the best in each other. 

Celebrating 10 Years of Love at Rainier

I knew this day was going to be magical when I spotted three of the biggest elks I have EVER seen on the drive to Mt. Rainier. And man oh man, was it magical.

In 2017, we weren't the only couple celebrating 10 years of marriage. The Chitwood’s were entering into their 10th year together (along with two adorable and vibrant kiddos) as husband and wife, and I was the extremely fortunate soul who got to capture them as they renewed their vows amongst the alpine trees of Mt. Rainier National Park. 

I felt a kindred spirit with their sweet love story as I could relate to the exact feelings of accomplishment and joy after growing together for a decade. I found their desire to read words from their hearts aloud as a sacred act and one of the best ways to celebrate this milestone. I also adored meeting Amber’s mom who stepped in and watched the babes while Mom and Dad had their heartfelt moment. To witness family in all its tenderness, generosity and deep love, warmed my heart. 

As you well know, I believe photos act like confetti — they enhance any celebration in life — and this intimate photo session was one of my favorites to date. Amber is one of those moms I hope to be someday. She is calm, patient and as sweet as a sugar cookie, which she surprised me with at the end of our session as a thank you! I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and soaked up every second of that view while I ate a cookie (or two) from the full box she gave me before the drive home. 

The last week of July and first two weeks of August are by far my favorite time of the year to book sessions. The wildflowers are tall and happy and awake, the wildlife is in full playtime-mode (oooh, the chipmunks!) and the sunlight is out of this world. It’s a dream of mine to be shooting up there within that small window of time from early morning one day to early morning the next day. The stars are UNREAL— it’s the perfect time of year to plan a day trip around your photo shoot and watch for the Star Parties (also known as astronomy programs) at night. 

These photo shoots have me bursting at the seams because of the pure joy and celebration that take place. Photo shoots are like kaleidoscopes; catching light, different perspectives and vibrancy with every click of the camera. They draw out the deep emotions we carry with us and highlight them in the most beautiful way. If there is something inside of you yelling, “yes!! I want to celebrate life/my family/our love/our pup/flowers/the PNW/health/happiness/being human!!”, let’s make photos together that will last you from one lifetime to the next.

My 2018

My friend turned me onto Death to Stock Photo— a website that collaborates with photographers to offer stock photos to creatives. These are not your typical stock photos, however. They are as real, living and breathing, intimate and simply honest. They invoke feelings and do far more than sit on a website or in a magazine. 

As I dive into more personal work, I'm constantly thinking about how can I can grow as a photographer and create images with more gumption, heart, and whimsy. Images that are embedded with feelings of: Calm. Adventure. Isolation. Wanderlust. Wilderness. With an incredible clientele and my chameleon-like transformation for each job I'm presented with, I'd love to be creating images just for me on my off days; representing how I feel, rather than what I see, and coming from the viewpoint of "if I hired myself, what would I create?" 

This idea excites me to no end because there is no cap to my imagination and my drive for a better image. I know this creative challenge to myself will not only benefit my artsy soul, but it will also benefit my clients as they will be hiring someone who is just as passionate about their work as the day they started. Below you'll find some of my favorite images I've created to kickstart this personal photo journey. Watch out for more personal work in the weeks ahead! 2018 is a year dedicated creativity and wherever she decides to take me next.


Joanna the Warrior

It doesn't matter how healthy you are. It doesn't matter how young or old you might be. Cancer is a disease that when I think about it, I become instantly frustrated because I can't make sense of it. In recent years I lost two amazing Aunts to this horrible disease and it has been absolutely devastating to our family. We miss these two wonderful women dearly and I so wish they could still be here to gain wisdom from, to laugh with and to feel their love.

In my very personal circle, my sweet sister-in-law, my mom's long-term companion and other dear friends have been diagnosed, have been through various types of cancer and are now in remission. Needless to say, I'm all too familiar with how much chemo sucks, cancer sucks and how scary each stage and every doctor's appointment feel like small mountains to climb.

I'm sharing this with you because when my neighbor messaged me about her dear friend getting a cancer diagnosis and wanted to do something to empower her, she asked if she could gift her a Poppi Girl Session prior to starting her chemo treatments, I was blown away by the sentiment (and my answer was absolutely YES).

A few years back, I started these sessions to give women confidence and also as an opportunity to have an updated and beautiful portrait of themselves. I was honored she thought of me and brought my camera to Joanna's home with the most heartfelt, "You will kick cancer's a**" attitude." With each image, I wanted to show her strength, beauty and vibrancy. I had never met her prior to our session and it was an incredibly beautiful experience to connect through this art form and capture her at a moment when the future felt turned upside down. We preserved her will to be an optimist and her determination to overcome life's unjust curveballs. This woman is seriously a warrior, as is every woman I know that has gone through this same diagnosis. She is still fighting her battle and bravely taking on each new moment.

At this time of year when we reflect back on life's ups and downs, I feel this session in my core. I feel my heart bursting with love for Joanna and her family. I am reminded how you have to appreciate everything. Appreciate where you are in life at this very moment because the hard things, the sad things, the happy and joyous things, could change at any moment. Sending you all my most sincere well wishes for health, happiness and gratitude as we end 2017 and begin a new.