Artisans Group: The One with the Baby Blue Door

"Thoughtful, well-crafted care from napkin sketch dreams through finishing touches and the years that follow - this is The Artisans Group experience.  With projects ranging from large custom residential remodels, through highly efficient custom Passive Houses and commercial Tenant Improvements, your aspirations + our experience = something worth talking about" - Artisans Group

It’s true what they say about stepping outside of your comfort zone and trusting in yourself and the magic that brings you there in the first place. 

I wasn’t sure what I would learn when starting to photograph houses and honestly, what I’ve learned is not always what I expected.

I really thought that photographing beings — both people and animals! — was as intimate as it got; seeing their smile, hearing the laughter (or puppy noises!), capturing their essence. But then I started to photograph houses and I found myself in another dimension of intimacy and soul.

What I've realized is when you photograph homes, it's intimate on a deeper level because you're greeted by the person and you enter into their world. You can see the parts of their lives that they’ve collected over the years; the hanging bell, the painting behind their bed, the knick-knacks on their dresser. It’s a beautiful ode to humans in all their passions and the little sentiments that bring them joy. It’s like learning someone’s favorite color for the first time or their go-to flower. 

It’s also taught me to value, honor and respect people and their space with an even deeper appreciation. Whenever we ask the owners if we can move something around for the shot, I can see how appreciative they are that we asked. These are their memories and they’re sacred. I’m honored to not only be able to capture the gorgeous reality they’ve created for each other, themselves, or their families, but I also feel so lucky to work with a company that really puts their love and soul into every house they design. They work hard to tell a story with their work and in that respect, add richness to the world. 

This particular home is my favorite that I’ve photographed for Artisans Group because of the gorgeous natural night, tall ceilings and that stinkin’ cute baby blue front door. Plus, that view! Holy moly!!

This year, I invested in a brand new carbon fiber tripod and wide angle lens and I am so giddy to use them. I truly look forward to each shoot that I can implement what I'm learning and keep following this adventure that keeps beautifully unfolding before me.

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