Harts & Pearls

Have you ever had one of THOSE mornings, when you feel like everything is about to unravel? I believe we've all been there at some point — a late alarm, traffic, forgot something at home, etc. Sometimes, it can feel seriously hard to turn those days around.

Upon arriving at the studio in Seattle, Desiree expressed she was experiencing one rough morning. I deeply empathized with her and knew this was my opportunity to bring a little extra sunshine on a gloomy day.

For me, that little extra sunshine comes in the form of music and dance. I instantly started playing music on my phone (thank you Spotify for creating a playlist called, "Have a Great Day"!) and could feel the energy start to shift. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" lyrics starting filling up the room and we started smiling and doing silly things to make Desiree laugh! Her sister Traci was there for the shoot and joined in the fun, as well. We were on a roll, creating fun images for her marketing material and then to our surprise, Lauren Foster from South Sound Magazine arrived! She was there to interview Desiree about the successful company she's built from the ground up. In the span of 30 minutes, a rough morning became a dance party full of empowered women.

Harts & Pearls started when Desiree wanted to make sweet accessories for her daughter. Everytime her and her daughter would step out in public, she would receive compliments for her creations. It was then that she realized its potential and the rest is history.

I started shooting for Harts & Pearls many years ago when they first began and it's been so awesome to see how much they have grown! This shoot was truly special and I'm still feeling that happy buzz, high-vibrations from that day! Upon my exit, Desiree took a moment to tell me how much I made a difference in her day and that she really appreciated me keeping such a positive outlook. I'm a firm believer that kindness and love always win! Thank you Harts and Pearls for another great shoot — this Poppi Girl Session was one of my favs!!