Devon + Brian // Paradise, Mt. Rainier

Finally!!! I’m back! It’s been dead quiet on my blog for eight months because my business exploded this year and if I wasn’t with a camera in hand, or editing, I was sleeping. ;) Holy moly!!! What an incredible time of growth and creativity! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite shoots I’ve photographed lately and had to kick it off with this amazing anniversary session I shot back in August of 2018. Because…seriously…it’s one of my favorite couple sessions I’ve ever photographed.

It’s really hard for me to put into words how special Devon and Brian are to me. Within 1.5 years time we’ve developed the most beautiful friendship and we’ve truly helped each other grow personally and professionally! I pushed myself throughout this whole shoot to switch it up, capture their love in every way I could think of and highlight the unreal scenery of Paradise at Mt. Rainier National Park. I’m beyond happy with how these turned out and am very, very excited to be transitioning to a more balanced pace of life. 2019 will hold a lot of changes for Poppi Photography but my passion for this work is constant!