Kata + Jim

What better day than this rainy January afternoon to blog about one of the sunniest days of my life last May? That's the great thing about images, you can be transported in time and season (and feeling)! I'm anxiously awaiting longer days and pretty pink petals, and reflecting back on this wedding was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits — there is SO MUCH JOY woven throughout this day.

I was lucky enough to be referred to Kata and Jim by the lovely ladies of Fleurae (who are looking stunning in one of the pictures in this post!) Prior to officially being hired, Kata contacted me and I drove up to Seattle for a coffee date to meet her and talk wedding details. Ten minutes into our conversation, I had my fingers and toes crossed she'd book me for her wedding. I just loved her energy, her relaxed presence and her style! We talked about how she wanted to have all greens and no flowers at her wedding. I like brides who throw tradition out the window — it's your wedding, do whatever you want! She told me the story of how Jim proposed to her, which is hands down my favorite proposal story to date.

"We'd walk around our neighborhood often and there was always this one cat who would come out and greet us. We'd pet the cat every time, then be on our way. One day, as we both knelt down to pet the cat, I looked over at Jim and he was holding a ring,” Kata said.

I love animals. I love people who love animals. And I also was very obsessed with cats when I was little, so this proposal melted my romantic, kitty loving heart.

Their wedding day was so fantastic. Their vows were the true definition of heart touching. I cried, I laughed, I honestly was so moved by their enthusiasm to marry each other that I felt transported, like I was witnessing something not of this world. During the ceremony Kata was so nervous and excited at one point, she joked about needed to vomit. Without skipping a beat, Jim held out his hands in a cupping shape — we all died laughing!

These two are not short of love, humor, loyalty and excitement for being alive. They ended the ceremony with a motto for living that they created together — “I’m scared. Let’s do it anyway.” Beyond being so genuine, intimate and FULL of devotion, this motto also resonated with me as I love trying new things and being adventurous. It made my heart so warm to see a couple who celebrates loving life together. 

Thank you Kata + Jim for a day I will never forget!!

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