Monica the Marvelous

Monica reached out to me because she needed a simple headshot for her medical residency program, but we all know that “simple headshot” in Poppi land means some headshots, a lot of laughs and a mandatory dance party. 

Monica was also about to move to Atlanta for work and wanted her photo shoot to have a feel of celebration, joy and movement, which I found very fitting as she skipped into the next chapter of her life. 

I loved spending this time together because it was truly was so happy and light and it was deeply inspiring. It’s always filled my heart to watch others chase their dreams and pursue their career goals. The feeling of satisfaction, confidence and self-love that comes from new jobs, new cities and new things to say “yes” to is such a remarkable feeling I hope everyone gets to experience.

I created the Poppi Girl and Poppi Guy package to remind people just how stinkin’ beautiful they are. This includes people of all genders, sizes, races and ages!! The Poppi Girl + Guy session can be for the little ones, too! Hello cute baby clothes, chubby cheeks and bright, toothy smiles!!

To learn more about updated Poppi packages and pricing, head to the booking page. I can’t wait to schedule your dream session in 2018!!