You Had Me at Roasted Peppers

I decided one day to put it out there in the magical Universe of ours that I wanted to shoot more houses, more apartments, sweet spaces and sweet moments. 

Within days, I heard from a dear friend of mine that she was being interviewed by Apartment Therapy for her business Moon Cycle Bakery and that they were tying her tiny house into the article. They asked her if she knew of anyone in the area to take images for them and she answered without any hesitation, “I know the perfect person.”

My heart wanted to burst!! Ask and you shall receive —that was exactly what this shoot was all about! Not to mention Chef Brian decided to roast peppers during the shoot and ohhh, did it smell GOOD!

Getting to photograph Devon and Brian (and Olive the pup!) in their element was so darn fun and it reminded me of how much I love to capture those in-between, intimate moments that we oftentimes overlook; when we’re cutting vegetables for dinner, when we’re washing dishes with our partner, when we’re snuggled on the couch reading a book or watching our favorite show. 2018 is all about catching those moments and bottling them up like fireflies in a jar — a reminder of the light that comes through when we take a moment to pause. 

Are you interested in having pictures taken of your adorable house or capturing moments of you and your loved ones in your most amazing, everyday moments? Email me at and let’s set a day to play!