Zoe Juice Bar

I'm all about embracing the things that served me well in 2017 and continuing to foster them in 2018. 

Zoe Juice Bar is one of those good habits from last year that I am happily bringing with me into the new year.

Zoe's screams joy, fun and color — a few of my favorite things — and shooting for them is a dream come true. I was a frequent customer prior to getting the opportunity to work with Zoe and I've found myself craving it more and more each time I go in. It's such an easy way to get your daily dose of vitamins and each juice or smoothie will absolutely send your tastebuds into "happy dance mode".  My favorite is the Pure Vida Acai Bowl (Hawaii in a cup!!) with extra cinnamon and added fresh pineapple on top. 

A few weeks back, I spoke to the owner and he shared the exciting news with me that they're opening a new west side location and will be hanging prints of these images in their store. It's so fun to see the photos go from the back of your camera to a wall print for many to enjoy. This was such exciting news and he finished the conversation with letting me know that he felt the photos elevated their brand. I took that as such an amazing compliment and walked away with cheeks that hurt from smiling so hard.

If you haven't yet, be sure to stop into this feel-good shop and grab something that is sure to feel like a vacation in your hand — your belly, soul and mood will thank you.