Bryant & Katie

These two were the definition of bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30 am and upon first smile I knew this was going to be a photo shoot to remember. Their excitement for the day ahead of us was as thick as the fog that hung in the air — magical and sweet. 

I pulled into a dark parking lot in North Bend to meet Bryant and Katie prior to heading to our shoot location and from there we traveled 20-minutes to our destination. As we drove, we saw little blue sky breaks and I crossed my fingers for an epic sunrise.

Mother nature had a different plan for us that morning as the sun never really did make an appearance, but here is the thing: their chemistry rivaled any bright sunrise and I didn't even miss the golden rays because I had true love to photograph alongside a canvas of mountain peaks and tree lines behind them. Talk about dreamy.

We were the only souls on the lake for the entire shoot and we all felt free to be ourselves. I love that about Adventure Sessions — the quiet isolation to be wild, silly and free with your sweetheart. These quiet moments are some of my favorites and these images portray such an innocence, like those first butterfly feelings you get when you meet the love of your life. Simply, I love photographing couples who can't imagine their lives without each other. And these two were just that.

Congratulations to Katie and Bryant on their engagement — I am so excited to continue to watch your deep soul love flourish!