Nicole and Brandon: Rooftop Lovin'

Oh, the magic of this crazy amazing world has always made me so happy, and this wedding was no exception.

I started following Nicole on Instagram because of her amazing personal style that I love so much. She posted a photo explaining that she was on the hunt for a wedding photographer and would love for people to reach out to her with their portfolio. I jumped at the opportunity and private messaged her right away. To my good fortune, she said she'd love for me to be her wedding photographer and made me the happiest lady!! 

Nicole explained that she was keeping her wedding as simple as possible and only wanted three hours of photography coverage. Just enough for photos prior to the ceremony, the ceremony itself and then a few at the reception. My kind of gal! :) 

On the day of the wedding, I pulled into the parking lot of the venue and saw a woman who I assumed was attending Nicole's wedding. She was paying the meter as I walked over and got in line. We started talking small-talk when she told me she is the bride's sister! We ended up having the sweetest conversation and I was so thankful for her kind words prior to my start time. She told me Nicole was so excited for me to be her wedding photographer and that she loved my work! I was so giddy and felt so excited to be a part of her day. The magic took it’s role again and I knew we were off to a great start.

There were so many things I loved about Nicole’s wedding from her contagious smile and gorgeous look and amount of joy present, but the rooftop wedding reception was my absolute favorite. It was a gorgeous setup at Within Sodo and it blew my socks off — it was SUCH a cool venue and one I will always remember. I loved getting to shed happy tears right along with Nicole and Brandon and from their officiant's special words, it was clear these two were meant to be and brought out the best in each other.