Celebrating 10 Years of Love at Rainier

I knew this day was going to be magical when I spotted three of the biggest elks I have EVER seen on the drive to Mt. Rainier. And man oh man, was it magical.

In 2017, we weren't the only couple celebrating 10 years of marriage. The Chitwood’s were entering into their 10th year together (along with two adorable and vibrant kiddos) as husband and wife, and I was the extremely fortunate soul who got to capture them as they renewed their vows amongst the alpine trees of Mt. Rainier National Park. 

I felt a kindred spirit with their sweet love story as I could relate to the exact feelings of accomplishment and joy after growing together for a decade. I found their desire to read words from their hearts aloud as a sacred act and one of the best ways to celebrate this milestone. I also adored meeting Amber’s mom who stepped in and watched the babes while Mom and Dad had their heartfelt moment. To witness family in all its tenderness, generosity and deep love, warmed my heart. 

As you well know, I believe photos act like confetti — they enhance any celebration in life — and this intimate photo session was one of my favorites to date. Amber is one of those moms I hope to be someday. She is calm, patient and as sweet as a sugar cookie, which she surprised me with at the end of our session as a thank you! I was blown away by her thoughtfulness and soaked up every second of that view while I ate a cookie (or two) from the full box she gave me before the drive home. 

The last week of July and first two weeks of August are by far my favorite time of the year to book sessions. The wildflowers are tall and happy and awake, the wildlife is in full playtime-mode (oooh, the chipmunks!) and the sunlight is out of this world. It’s a dream of mine to be shooting up there within that small window of time from early morning one day to early morning the next day. The stars are UNREAL— it’s the perfect time of year to plan a day trip around your photo shoot and watch for the Star Parties (also known as astronomy programs) at night. 

These photo shoots have me bursting at the seams because of the pure joy and celebration that take place. Photo shoots are like kaleidoscopes; catching light, different perspectives and vibrancy with every click of the camera. They draw out the deep emotions we carry with us and highlight them in the most beautiful way. If there is something inside of you yelling, “yes!! I want to celebrate life/my family/our love/our pup/flowers/the PNW/health/happiness/being human!!”, let’s make photos together that will last you from one lifetime to the next.