My 2018

My friend turned me onto Death to Stock Photo— a website that collaborates with photographers to offer stock photos to creatives. These are not your typical stock photos, however. They are as real, living and breathing, intimate and simply honest. They invoke feelings and do far more than sit on a website or in a magazine. 

As I dive into more personal work, I'm constantly thinking about how can I can grow as a photographer and create images with more gumption, heart, and whimsy. Images that are embedded with feelings of: Calm. Adventure. Isolation. Wanderlust. Wilderness. With an incredible clientele and my chameleon-like transformation for each job I'm presented with, I'd love to be creating images just for me on my off days; representing how I feel, rather than what I see, and coming from the viewpoint of "if I hired myself, what would I create?" 

This idea excites me to no end because there is no cap to my imagination and my drive for a better image. I know this creative challenge to myself will not only benefit my artsy soul, but it will also benefit my clients as they will be hiring someone who is just as passionate about their work as the day they started. Below you'll find some of my favorite images I've created to kickstart this personal photo journey. Watch out for more personal work in the weeks ahead! 2018 is a year dedicated creativity and wherever she decides to take me next.